She is Funny, She is Honest, She is Brave – Kate Watts’ Diary of her 12 Week Go Figure Challenge!

Go Figure 12 week Challenge. Diary with Kate Watts.

Go Figure 12 week Challenge. Diary with Kate Watts.

Hi everyone!

I’m still a bit shy to put up a before photo but I guess you could say that’s me (bottom right!) ;)


I am absolutely delighted to have won an entry to the 12 week challenge! After a terrible year health-wise last year and piling on the kilo’s I’m finally ready to address what I’ve been doing wrong and get myself back on track to wellness. I am so looking forward to sharing the experience with my fellow challengers and absorbing the professional advice on offer.


Our first get-together to start setting times etc. went well, although I think we were all a little nervous as to what to expect! I am still fighting off the last dregs of the usual winter flu so I couldn’t make the Sunrise Run this week but I’ll be there next week (eeek!). Next Monday we weigh-in and Tuesday will be our first group training session which I’m sure will be fabulous.

 This Wednesday I saw Stephanie for my nutritional assessment and shocker of a weigh-in, but I left feeling very motivated and I now have my diet plan and I’m ready to change my lifestyle.

 I would love to lose around 8kg’s (of fat!) in the next 12 weeks and really start to develop the right habits to keep me going forward after the challenge. Stephanie gave me some good tips to work on this week- make sure I eat in a quiet room with no distractions (TV!) and to put my knife and fork down in between mouthfuls, only picking them up again after I’ve swallowed. I really need to be conscious when I’m eating and not just inhale what’s on my plate. I also need to be sure I know the difference between emotional eating and eating when I’m genuinely hungry. I seem to have forgotten what the signs of real hunger are and I need to be aware of what my body is telling me. 

Facing our Fear of Failure!  Risk is essential to success!

Facing our Fear of Failure! Risk is essential to success!

I’m feeling a lot of pressure to do well in this challenge, having been lucky enough to win my entry, there is definitely some fear of failure lurking but I found this quote which I think is a good one and will hopefully motivate others as well:

I can’t wait for the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted as we go along!


Lots of love,



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