Gorgeous Food

Bon Moment Bakers

Lynne of Bon Moment Bakers makes absolutely gorgeous novelty biscuits. The biscuits are made in a variety of designs and consist of either shortbread or gingerbread base with stunning flooded icing and decorations. Pictured are the sunflower biscuits she made for our Sunflower Fund Open Day, but her world cup flags, Easter rabbits, pirates and other gorgeous designs are just as beautiful. You can contact Lynne by email: bonmomentbakers@iafrica.com


Argilla Pottery

Argilla Pottery is a proudly South African product, known to change lives of consumers and their families. It transforms an ordinary meal into a festive, healthy one, prepared quickly and therefore allowing more time to spend with family and friends while it is served directly from the oven to the table. It is exclusive, handmade works of art, glazed at a very high temperature, ensuring durable quality which will last a lifetime when used correctly. Cooking with Argilla Pottery has the following benefits: - Food is cooked in a steam-roasting process, using little water and no oil. - Meat will be tender and vegetables more nutritional. - No more slaving in front of the stove, entire meal can be placed into the oven at once and left until done. - Pottery can be used in the oven, microwave oven and are dishwasher safe. - No pre-heating of the oven – bowls are placed in cold oven, thus saving electricity. - More time for yourself and your family. It takes only 15 minutes to put the food into your Argilla Pottery and into the oven!

Name:Christine Barker
Tel or Cell:033 343 2554 / 083 499 3437

Designer Cakes from Di’s Kitchen

Di of Munchies fame is well known for her spectacular novelty cakes and cupcakes. Her gorgeous cakes not only look fabulous but are delicious as well. Cakes, pasteries and sweets are Di's speciality and she comes highly recommended if you are looking to celebrate a special occassion with a beautiful cake.

Name:Di Daugherty-Veitch
Email Address:di@diskitchen.co.za
Tel or Cell:084 944 6766

Dolce - Gorgeous Chocolate Salami.

This handmade, original chocolate dessert is a fantastic gift or divine ending to a beautiful dinner party. It is best served the traditional way in “salami slices” with an espresso coffee or a glass of red wine, port or with ice cream / whipped cream, fresh strawberries and some mint sprigs. This is the dreamy, clever, hassle free dessert. You can choose from four flavours: Original Chocolate, Espresso, Glazed Cherry and Orange Zest. Salamis will last in the fridge for at least 2 months and can also be frozen.

Name:Pia Redding
Tel or Cell:083 669 7532

Friderike’s Fresh Pretzels

Friderike’s Fresh Pretzels are deliciously different and they are ideal for children’s lunch boxes, snack time, functions or for a quick bite in between. They are available in different sizes and shapes and are a healthy alternative to other snack foods. They are egg free and low in fat. You can order them, pop them in your freezer and then bake them from frozen - they are ready in a couple minutes. Rike’s Brezels is a home industry business, which is run by Friederike Voigt, a German gal who immigrated in 2005. Rike’s specialities are soft Lye pretzels/rolls but she also makes other delicious German baked products.

Name:Friederike Voigt
Tel or Cell:082 779 6766

Louco Molho Sauces KZN

Louco Molho which means "Crazy Sauce" has as some have said the finest and most delicate flavours they have tasted yet in a piri piri sauce and coupled with the fact that it's totally organic with no added preservatives, artificial colourants, MSG or Sugar it certainly is a sauce that fits in with today’s artisan type products .The development of this sauce took place in Mozambique, Inhambane by local KZN genius Louis Trichardt and after 152 recipes later and the use of only the finest locally sourced Mozambique birds eye chillies combined with a secret family recipe and waaala you have "Louco Molho"!!

Name:Debbie Smith
Email Address:debbie@mediabee.co.za
Tel or Cell:0768547583

Munchies 2 Di 4 from Di’s Kitchen

Di Daugherty is a Sillwood Kitchen's trained chef who makes gorgeous food. Her quiches, homemade pies, and frozen meals are very well priced and to die for!!! She also makes absolutely delicious croissants, biscuits, rusks and muesli and is well known for her gorgeous novelty cakes as well.

Name:Di Daugherty-Veitch
Email Address:di@diskitchen.co.za
Tel or Cell:084 944 6766