In the Media

  • ideas Publication Features - A few publications that Just Boutique has been featured in.
  • A Right Royal Treat A Right Royal Treat! - Guests who attended the Royal High Tea Reception held at the Protea Hotel in Hilton to witness the marriage of Prince William to Miss Kate Middleton enjoyed an opulent affair. The event co-ordinated by Just Boutique and The Marriage Meander, followed a traditional wedding programme with toasts as well as fabulous prizes for the guests […]
  • Garden Show 1 Just Boutique Workshops take GOLD! - Just Boutique Workshops won a Gold Medal for their 2m x 2m “Alice in Wonderland Garden” at the Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg at the end of September. The garden which featured the cupcake tree in Just Boutique’s logo was designed by Jackie Cook and featured a whacky chocolate cake by Ashleigh Temple, Dreamy Cupcakes and […]